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HOW TO WRITE IN ENGLISH LETTER ATM CARD MISSING ON BANK?. Are You Mr or Mrs has this kind of concern?, If yes then plz read the best solution right after below:

Answers for this question:

Report card number and date in which it went missing and ask for immediate closure of the account in question to avoid any misuse of the card. Notice the banker that i`ll await his/her response.


This kind of letter that requesting for the Bank Manager for missing of the Pan Card.You have to give them the detailed explanations regarding to the missing Pan Card.

You have to tell them when did you lost the Pan Card that you will using,and the exact date.You have to make sure also that you can be able to informed them very well.

This kind of sample letter is just our own way of writing in able for you to find out the best letter pattern that you can send to the specific receiver.

Name of the Bank
Complete Address
Email Address
Contact Number

Your Complete Name
Complete Address
Email Address
Contact Number

To Whom It May Concern,


I am Ms.Jessil Adriatico,I want to inform you that I am working in _____________(Name of the Company).I composed this letter and decided to informed you that I lost my Pan Card last Thursday,around 2:30 pm February 25,2014.

This letter is to let you know that I want the replacement for the Pan Card that I lost.If there have some personal information that you want to know I am willing to attached it in my letter,I will write it below.

I call you last (__________)(date) for the reason that I want to have a further action about this matter you can still call me in my number XXXXXXXX.I am so thankful if you can give a little effort about this case.

I am hoping that you will understand how important this Pan Card to me.I am willing to give my time so that I can give a big support on this matter.

Yours Truly,.


I would suggest calling the bank first and getting detailed directions from them as to what will be needed in the letter. Most places will definitely need your banking info, account number, etc, and maybe other identifying stuff like social security number. They may need it notarized, but definitely signed by you. Your brother would have to show id and you would have to provide his name, etc. so they can match it with the id. Again, though, I would check with the bank first to make sure you know what they need in the letter and that they will even allow such a thing without a legal power of attorney. (I had to get a legal power of attorney for my husband in order to do things for him while he was deployed. But I don`t know about ATM cards specifically.) Good luck. Wish I knew more.


Just follow the pattern.

From (Name and Address)
To (Name and Address)

Dear Sir,

My name is(name) . I am working at (employer). Last week I lost my atm card in the bus. Now I need my atm card to withdraw my salary. Please allow me to apply for new atm card as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,
your name and signature.


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Hi, I am holding the ATM card bearing no – XXX and valid up XX/XX. I have lost the ATM card on DD/MM/YYYY and would require a replacement at the earliest. Also please lock my lost card, to prevent improper use.


You will need to prepare a power of attorney authorizing your friend to use your atm card and act in your place as your attorney in fact.


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