How to format an un-partitioned memory card. error:windows unable to format(sdcard)?

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How to format an un-partitioned memory card. error:windows unable to format(sdcard)?. Do You sir own that kind of query?, If yes then please get the best feedback below:

Answers for this question:

Follow this steps on your PC

1. Put the SD card on your PC using a card reader or USB adapter
2. Go to a command prompt (Start -> Run -> Cmd)
3. At the command prompt type format X: /fs:FAT /a:32K

NOTE: X is the driver letter of your SD card

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Have you successfully formatted this memory card? Have you do prepared data backups well before format?
Honestly, when you do have saved memory card data backups well elsewhere, you can easily try to format this 2GB memory card in Disk Management or with memory card formatting software.
Of course, if this memory card is really seriously corrupted and could not be formatted smoothly, go purchase another new one for future use.
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Hello Dear

You can use the below steps

Check for a physical switch. Some USB drives have a physical locking switch that will prevent you from changing the files.

Flip this switch to OFF if your drive has one, and try editing the files again.

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Access the registry editor by entering regedit into the Search field in your Start menu.

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Folder can be found in the Computer section of the registry editor, in the left frame.

Click the arrow next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to expand the folder.
• Expand the SYSTEM folder.
• Expand the CurrentControlSet folder.
• Expand the Control folder.
• Scroll down until you find the StorageDevicePolicies folder.
Change the WriteProtect entry.

Double click on the WriteProtect key in the StorageDevicePolicies folder. Change the “Value data” field from 1 to 0 and Press OK.

Create the key if it doesn’t exist. If you cannot find the StorageDevicePolicies folder, then you will need to create one first. Right-click in the blank space in the Control folder. Select New, and then Key. Label it StorageDevicePolicies.
• Open the newly-created folder and right-click again. Select New, and then DWORD. Name the new file WriteProtect and put 0 in the value field. Press OK.
• Type each entry exactly, including capitalization, otherwise the key will not work.

Reboot your computer. In order for the registry changes to take effect, you will need to reboot your computer. Save all of your work before rebooting.


Already have formatted this 2GB memory card successfully?
If not, you can try to format it in Disk Management again or download a memory card formatting tool to have another try.
If that also doesn’t work, your memory card may be seriously damaged or write protected.
Go ask some experts for help when it is corrupted somehow.
Or go remove the write protection at first when it is write protected.
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Try this Step

1. Insert your micro sd card to your cellphone or tablet then go to Settings > Memory card > Format Memory card.

2. If you use computer to format your memory card, make it sure that your memory card is not lock or if you`re using Adapter be sure to check if it is in lock position then if it is, turn it on.

3. If the problem persist or nothing change, bring it to the shop where your memory card bought together with your receipt and warranty if still cover under warranty period.


There are two ways you can reformat your sd card. One is by doing it on your phone and second is through the pc. If you are unable to reformat it on the PC one possible reason is that there might be files on that sd card which are running. You have to make sure that all files from your memory card are not running to properly complete the process. If you are trying to do it on your phone, all you just have to do is go to the settings of the phone or File then simply select the correct destination to format the card.


Hello there Stan, you could try to format another micro SD or if this is not possible at least scan another micro SD to see if this is not a memory card reader problem.
If you can scan other memory cards on the pc then your micro SD card could be defective. A defective unusable memory card cannot be read, scanned or reformat by PC

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Please try to put the memory card in your device then remove the password, after that try to use it in your PC by using memory card reader and reformat it. If still the windows cannot reformat, then you can also try to reformat it using your phone.


Try some card data recovery software which can restore lost documents, pictures, videos and music files from your memory card. Best wishes!


Go to cmd type diskpart, list partition, select partition *insert number here*, format.


We at this hope that those solutions listed above could solve your concern. Take care


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