How to convert MTS cdma sim into GSM?

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How to convert MTS cdma sim into GSM?. Do You mate own this kind of query?, If do then plz get the best solution below this line:

HiI have mts cdma sim, i want 2 convert into it possible?If yes, then how?plz let me know as soon as possible….


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I want to convert my MTS C8511 phone CDMA to GSM? I have MTS C8511 phone . Which is a CDMA phone on MTS network . I can not use another sim card. So with the help of a softwaer I want to convert my MTS C8511 phone CDMA to GSM . Please tell me the software name & how can i convert ?


You cannot convert a CDMA phone to GSM. CDMA doesn`t use SIM card like GSM phones it doesn`t have a SIM card slot or tray where you can put the SIM card in. CDMA uses microchip which is located inside the phone.


You need to call MTS and ask them if you can port your phone to Reliance. And it goes for reliance as well ask them if you can bring your own phone and have a CDMA line to them.


Hi It`s not possible because gsm and cdma are different technologies/network.


Try this .


No,you need a new operating system.






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