How much does it cost to send a 0.6kg documents from South Korea to Nigeria via EMS postal service?

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How much does it cost to send a 0.6kg documents from South Korea to Nigeria via EMS postal service?. Are You mam and sir has that kind of problem?, If yes then please found the good tips below:

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You can use your Smart Roaming Number to call through landline or mobile number in Nigeria, below are the ff. steps, make sure that you do follow the format correctly.

Calling a landline or phone number:

+Country Code (63), Area Code (2), Owner`s Number (1234567)

+63 2 1234567

Calling a mobile number:

+ Country Code (63), Mobile Code (948), Owner`s Number (1234567)

+63 948 1234567

NOTE: Do not input the number with spaces, I just put spaces for you to see the format clearly.

To know more regarding Smart`s Roaming Services, visit:



If you ship via international courier like DHL or FedEx from the UK it can cost £50 or more to send even a small package to Africa. I hand carry things with me because excess baggage is cheaper than sending anything. And you don`t send any packages to Africa by regular post or it will get stolen.

Unless its some latest phone its much cheaper to buy phones in Africa. My Nokia cost half in Accra as it does in London because they are priced for the local market. There is really no reason to send a phone to Nigeria as you can already get almost everything there cheaper than in Europe or the US.


Well it depends on what method of delivery will be used. It could be around $20-30 for the sending of this device for express delivery. I would recommend DHL as it is most trusted. Well you can use other but this is what I am using whenever I send or receive a parcel from a friend or online store.


Hi. i`m korean. good to see you. okay, so my suggestion is using kakaotalk or what`s app. if you still text a message to korea, let me see. first of all, an example of korean phone number is 010-xxx-xxxx.
actually, I tried it before, but verizon tole me that i should pay extra fee for it. it`s your choice~!


It depends on location and what kind of amenities you are looking for. A typical all furnished single room accomodation in Gangnam (as in Gangnam style) could go for around $2000.00.


You can use the Nigerian Postal Service to send the item to the USA. Locations in Lagos can be found here:



I think the airfare will be around 700USD to 1000 USD. I`m not sure about that but That was my estimation.


Yes you can send it. and No there is no cost in sending whatsapp messages anywhere around the world.

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bit ly/bokep94, cara send senjata di ca, mengatasi market helper cannot send
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