How does dual cameras work in Android mobile?

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How does dual cameras work in Android mobile?. Are You sir & mam has that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz check the good answer right after below:

Hi, thanks for A2A.

It seems each smartphone OEM, add this dual camera feature for different purposes.

When I encounter about this feature, I just got astonished and tried to know about it. What i know is,

Dual camera feature uses two cameras 1. Primary camera and Second primary camera.

Primary camera do the same work or with little modification as it does in typical smartphone.

Second primary camera is the focus point here:

  1. You can use it to add clarity of the image with the help of “Monochrome” feature. Yes, Huawei P9 phone have this feature. In this phone, second camera only records black and white color of the image. With the help of Monochrome sensor, second primary camera measures how much light is coming from the point we focus. Till now, this is an additional duty for a single primary camera in smartphone so they could lose some details in measuring light intensity due to do the work color filtering. Hence this extra burden is given to the second camera which take care that area. So light intensity is measured with second camera, and color filtering is done with primary camera. Combining this monochrome image which has detail information about light and sharpness with the color image that has been captured by primary camera will produce rich detailed image. This is what happens in dual camera phone.
  2. LG use this feature for zooming purpose. Regular phone lenses are fixed at the same zoom level, and this supplementary hardware (second camera) is necessary because phones have no easy way of adding zoom to their cameras. This camera has been provided to do this work. This will help in increasing image quality.

This is the way dual camera phone works.

Hope it helps!

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