How can I install a System 7 Mac OS from boot on an Intel PC?

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How can I install a System 7 Mac OS from boot on an Intel PC?. Do You mate has that kind of concern?, If yes then plz check the tips right after this line:

Wow, there’s a blast from the past! System 7 is seriously old-school. It was released in 1991. To my knowledge, the last computer that could run it came out in 1997; no Macs made since 1997 can boot it.

That basically gives you two choices: either find a vintage Mac in an antique store, or get your hands on a classic Mac emulator like Sheepshaver, Basilisk, or vMac.

System 7 was distributed on floppies. You can still download disk image files of the install floppies (legally, in fact!); a good place to start is here:

Classic Mac OS Downloads and Updates

From there, what you’ll do depends on whether you’re trying to installSystem 7 on a vintage piece of hardware or on an emulator.

If you have an ancient Mac you’re trying to get going, you’ll need access to a machine with a floppy drive. You can download the disk inches and then copy them note floppy disks using aMac with a floppy drive and a copy of Disk Utility. Boot the old Mac from install disk 1 and run the installer.

If you’re using an emulator, run the emulator (you may need to download a MacOS ROM image for it; I use SheepShaver, which comes with instructions on how to find ROM images). Create a new virtual hard disk for the emulator, then boot the emulator using a System 7 disk image file and run the installer.

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